A family business

Custom Made Glass Store in Miami-Dade

Modernize the interior of your home or office space with the clever use of glass components.

FAMILY SHOWER AND MIRROR specializes in the sales of customized glass for residential and commercial use.

Enhancing Interiors with Customized Glass

Nowadays, glass is widely used in modern architecture as a material for building furniture, walls, doors, gate and partitions. They can transform living spaces and work environments and they offer a wide range of effects, patterns and colors, giving architects endless design possibilities.

Located in Hialeah, FAMILY SHOWER AND MIRROR is a shop specializing in the sales of custom-made glass. We have the expertise to work with clear, smoked, textured or toughened glass, regardless of the thickness you need.

Custom Made Glass Store Miami-Dade

 Modernize your home or office with the us of glass materials

Advantages of Glass

Glass offers many advantages over other materials when used correctly. As office space partitions, they allow light through thus reducing energy consumption. Depending on the type of glass used, they can also be soundproof. They do not peel, rust, corrode or swell from exposure to moisture and they are also resistant to termites and other insects; making them perfect for shower doors as well.

Visit FAMILY SHOWER AND MIRROR in Hialeah for all your custom-made glass. We have a wide variety of glass that we customize to suit your designs and other requirements.

Custom Made Glass Store Miami-Dade

 We customize glass panes for residential and commercial use

We Work with a Variety of Glass Types:

  • Clear
  • Textured
  • Smoked
  • Tempered

We customize our products to suit your needs,

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